Chinese Witchazel

Chinese Witchazel

Jar of Wild Flowers

Jar of Wild Flowers



Spring Jug

Spring Jug

Threshold - oil on linen


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Harvest Jug - hand coloured etching by Jude Freeman

Harvest Jug || hand coloured etching

Cardoons Etching by Jude Freeman

Cardoons || hand coloured etching & aquatint

Pastel drawing: High Summer Hill by artist/printmaker Jude Freeman

Pastel drawing || High Summer Hill

'Potager' by Jude-Freeman

Potager || etching

Wild Flowers etching - Jude Freeman

Wild Flowers || etching

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Poppy Frieze etching by Jude-Freeman

Poppy Frieze || five etchings || 460 x 960 mm

Poppy II etching by Jude-Freeman

Poppy 2 || two plate etching || 385 x 240 mm

Spring Enters the House-etching by Jude Freeman

Spring Enters the House  ||  two plate etching  ||  660 x 790 mm


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Tulip, Daffodil, and Oriental Hellebores…
Flower Studies - Iris ReticulataFlower Studies - "Daffodil" by Jude Freeman

Spring flowers observed over several days from bud to bloom, overlaid as a single etching reflecting the character, movement and behaviour of the individual blossom. The outcomes narrow the gap between the ephemeral and the fixed, drawing and print.